Enjoy a totally one-of-a-kind Aboriginal expedition with the Cree of Eeyou Istchee. Be among the few to tread on land that is largely unexplored by outside visitors and where history and nature are ever-present.

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Are you ready for your next Nordic adventure?

The immensity of the landscape will ignite your sense of wonder while the waves of James Bay enhance your feeling of well-being. The Wiinipaakw Tours Solidarity Cooperative provides the exclusive excursion you’ve always looked for and been unable to find – until now!

A unique and authentic experience

Wiinipaakw Tours offers a variety of adventure packages that include cruises on the Bay as well as opportunities to explore the region and discover its communities. Whether you’re looking to get away for a half-day, a whole day, a weekend or several days, we have just the package you need to plan your escape! We can also organize chartered cruises or company events for you. You can even charter our vessels for research expeditions.

Available experiences

Discover our boat excursions and our adventure travel packages

1-day Cruise Waskaganish

Looking for an outstanding scenery, fresh air and wildlife?

Leaving from Waskaganish, where the first ever Hudson’s Bay Company trading post was established, climb aboard our boat and join a certified Cree Captain to explore the beautiful coastal islands of James Bay. Two major bird sanctuaries are located in this part of the bay. Follow our guide on interpretative hikes on these islands that are unexpectedly rich in history. Enjoy a generous picnic while watching Nordic fauna and flora. Keep your eyes peeled – you never know when you’ll spot a beluga or a caribou or even that near-mythical beast, the polar bear.

  • 6 to 8-hours Tour
  • minimum 4 passengers
  • $ 454 Per person

Sunset Boat Tour Waskaganish

A sunset like you've never seen before!

Keep your eyes wide open during the tour, as you will most likely witness one of the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen! Our experienced guides will also provide nature interpretation on these unique eco-cruises that are wonderful opportunities to observe Nordic fauna and flora.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get a chance to see belugas, caribou, or polar bears! Safety equipment is included during the tour.

  • minimum 4 passengers
  • 2 to 3-hours Tour
  • $ 248 Per person

Meet our Cree Captains

Interpersonal interaction and authentic experience are vital features of Wiinipaakw Tours’ offer.

Every expedition is an invitation to get to know our welcoming Cree Captains. Since no one knows the region better than those who grew up here, they were selected to receive training to hone their navigating and itinerary-development skills to make sure you enjoy completely safe travel to the islands of James Bay.

We never engage in mass tourism

By choosing Wiinipaakw Tours, you choose a not-for-profit organization created by and for Cree communities. We care about developing sustainable coastal tourism in Eeyou Istchee in harmony with Cree values and nature. That is why we commit never to undermine nature in our region and to protect Nordic wildlife and vegetation. Giving back to communities is one of our priorities, mainly by creating jobs and generating economic benefits. Our watchwords are and will remain respect for Mother Earth, sharing, and hospitality.

A totally safe nature adventure

Safety is the top priority for Wiinipaawk Tours. Our personnel have completed several specialized training courses and are also SIRIUSMEDx-certified for wilderness first-aid and security techniques in remote regions.