Discover the extent of our nature

Explore an unspoiled land where nature reigns. Experience an unrivalled Nordic adventure. Follow Cree guides as they invite you to “walk in the footsteps” of their ancestors.



Set out on the trail of polar bears. Gaze at the Northern Lights. Experience a deeply moving Aboriginal adventure in untamed and richly diverse natural settings. Wiinipaakw Tours delivers Aboriginal tourism as you’ve never experienced it before. Your dream travel package is now within easy reach.

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Venture into the northern taiga and Quebec’s boreal forest. Explore a region favoured by more than a hundred migratory bird species, where you can also watch beluga, caribou, and polar bears. If you opt for an adventure stay north of the 51st parallel, your sense of curiosity will be endlessly rewarded.

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Marvel at James Bay’s vast expanse and its wealth of islands that abound in wildlife. Here, nature sets the pace of life of the Cree who call this place home. From lively villages to uncharted sites, Wiinipaakw Tours leads you to a new world of Nordic adventure way off the beaten track.

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